RP140 Race Performance Motorcycle Oil Filter is designed to perform in your motorcycle to ensure maximum engine protection.

Race Performance Filters are a high flow and efficiency alternative to Other filters. Featuring a high burst pressure canister with high quality rolled seams which are pressure tested before leaving the factory.

On the top of each filter you will find a hex head for easy installation and removal in hard to reach places, this nut is also pre-drilled for use with a locking wire in racing or off-road applications. The inner media features an 'M-pleated' design to increase media surface area which results in an extended life and increased filtration performance.

RP Filters are 100% Australian Owned.


BrandRP FiltersOther
Husqvarna RP1408000H4235
Yamaha RP1401S4-E3440-00
Yamaha RP14038B-E3440-00
Yamaha RP1405D3-13440-00
Yamaha RP1405D3-13440-09
Yamaha RP1405D3-13440-01
Yamaha RP1405D3-13440-02
Yamaha RP1405TA-13440-00
Yamaha RP1405YP-E3440-00
Yamaha RP1401S7-E3440-00
Yamaha RP140485679
TM Racing RP140F66510


  • M-Pleat fibre high-flow filter media
  • High pressure anti-burst based plate
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve
  • High burst strength canister
  • 100% leak pressure tested
  • Compatible with oil types including synthetic

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